The Race, Surrealism Painting –

The first in 10 hours of recorded interviews talking about pop art and paintings with Doug Kemp. We were very much finding our footing & format with this initial release of the The Race acrylic painting on canvas.

The Race Painting Artist Video Interview

The Race Painting – 116 x 127 cm Acrylic pop art painting on canvas from the ‘2000s’, & ‘Divorce’ artist collection by Doug Kemp.

A visual game of coloured shapes, a device where the changing sizes of the elements would normally be expected to be reversed and there are also other challenges to the plane of perspective.

This painting is also part of a mini-collection of four paintings – see the ‘Dark’ series painting collection.

When asked his opinion of this painting Doug stated…

“For once, at least they’re going in the same direction, for a change…”